Replication in cross-cultural research: descent, marriage system, and mode of production

Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde Vol/Iss. 127 Published In Pages: 82-145
By De Leeuwe, J.


This study examines relationships among descent, marriageable relatives, residence, family, and mode of production.


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Hypotheses (9)

"Homans and Schneider (1955) say that marriage partners are sought preferably within a group of which the head exerts no jural authority over ego. . . . Replication of the research [shows] that patrilineal societies [prefer] MBD but matrilineal societies don't prefer FZD" (82, 88)Supported
"Cross-cousin marriage (versus all other possible marriage systems) occurs proportionally more often with (each of the) single unilineal systems than with bilaterality" (90)Supported
"We . . . predict that bilaterality, in whatever form, is linked proportionally more often with the highest technological level known to us (versus all other technological levels) than unilineality is" (92)Supported
"Societies with single unilineal descent system will score proportionally more often non-extractive also non-industrialised (versus extractive or industrialised summated) than bilaterality will"Supported
"If bilaterality (verus unilineality) were to correlate with modernity of society--in the sense of a higher level of the production forces . . . and the nuclear family . . . reflects the level of production forces . . . then bilaterality should be . . . accompanied by absence of extended families . . ." (96)Not Supported
"Subsistence type does not significantly correlate with the presence or absence of extended families" (99)Supported
"The correlation between marital neolocality . . . and industrialization is very close" (101)Supported
"Cross-cousin marriage occurs relatively more often in non-industrialised societies" (103)Supported
"Patriliny versus matriliny is linked relatively more strongly with other than cross-cousin marriage systems . . . and with other than extractive subsistence type (industrialisation left out) provided [non-extractive] subsistence type is accompanied by marital neolocality" (112)Supported

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