Patterns of charaterization in folktales across geographical regions and levels of cultural complexity: literature as a neglected source of quantitative data

Human Nature Vol/Iss. 14 Published In Pages: 365-382
By Gottschall, Jonathan, Berkey, Rachel, Cawson, Mitchell, Drown, Carly, Fleischner, Matthew, Glotzbecker, Melissa, Kernan, Kimberly, Magnan, Tyler, Muse, Kate, Ogburn, Celeste, Patterson, Stephen, Skeels, Christopher, St. Joseph, Stephanie, Weeks, Shawna, Welsh, Alison, Welch, Erin


This article takes an evolutionary approach to understanding the patterns of characterization in folktales cross-culturally. Results indicate that literature shares several common themes cross-culturally, including mate selection and kin directed altruism.

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