Paternal investment and the human mating system

Behavioural Processes Vol/Iss. 51(1) Elsevier Scientific Publishers B.V. (Biomedical Division) Amsterdam Published In Pages: 45-61
By Marlowe, Frank W.


This article explores the interrelated roles of male parental investment (males' infant/child care and resource provisioning) and male-male competition (variation in male status) on the degree of monogamy or polygyny in a society. Marlowe argues that Degree of parental investment affects females' interest in resource-shopping versus gene-shopping. Also discussed is the idea that male-male competition affects males' inclination toward harem-defense or coercive polygyny. Particular attention is paid to variation in parental investment and male stratification across subsistence types.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
Standard Cross Cultural Sample (SCCS)Other researchers

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