House floor area as a correlate of marital residence pattern: a logistic regression approach

Cross-Cultural Research Vol/Iss. 44(4) Published In Pages: 405-424
By Porcic, Marko


This article employs logistic regression to test the relationship between house floor area and marital residence. Results indicate there is an association, but the relationship is stronger in a solely agricultural sample and nonexistent in a non-agricultural sample. This is likely due to the tendency for mobile groups to build several smaller homes for faster and more efficient household construction. Overall the authors suggest that floor area alone should not be taken as a sole indicator of marital residence.


DOI: 10.177/1069397110378839


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
OtherOther ResearchersEmber (1973), Divale (1977), and Brown (1987)
Ethnographic Atlas (EA)Combination

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