Society system and sexual life

Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde Vol/Iss. 126 Published In Pages: 1-36
By De Leeuwe, J.


The author investigates the associations between production relations, the character of productive forces, and sexual life. A significant correlation was found between production relations and the character of productive forces. Results also showed that more sexual freedom is associated with higher level of development of productive forces and an absence of internal oppression.


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Hypotheses (8)

Societies with less developed subsistence activities (hunting, fishing, or a combination of both) have no significant stratification among freemen and no slavery proportionally more often (4)Supported
Stratification and slavery occur more often in societies where cereal grains, animal husbandry and agriculture are important than in societies where they are not (6)Supported
Africa, the CircumMediterrean, and East Eurasia have greater stratification and slavery than the Insular Pacific, North America and South America (6-7)Supported
"[Societies where sexual activities of children are explicitly allowed will permit children] to be present during sexual activities of older people and/or [allow children] to participate in older people's talk on sex" (12)Supported
"[Societies where productive forces are above the lowest level but with internal oppression absent] will allow sexual activity of children more often . . ." (14)Supported
"[Societies where productive forces are above the lowest level but with internal oppression absent] approve of extramarital heterosexual freedom for both sexes more often . . ." (17)Supported
"[Societies with productive forces above the lowest level and internal oppression absent] accept female extramarital heterosexual intercourse and reject male extramarital heterosexual intercourse more often and/or accept male . . . intercourse and . . . reject female intercourse less often" (17)Supported
Societies with higher subsistence level and slavery absent will achieve a higher score for moral acceptance of sexual freedom proportionally more often (19)Supported

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