Social risk-management strategies in pastoral systems: a qualitative comparative analysis

Cross-Cultural Research Vol/Iss. 45 Published In Pages: 286-317
By Moritz, Mark, Giblin, Julia, Ciccone, Miranda, Davis, Andrea, Fuhrman, Jesse, Kimiaie, Masoumeh, Madzsar, Stefanie, Olson, Kyle, Senn, Matthew


This article examines the different social risk-management strategies (SRMS) used by pastoralists to minimize their exposure to risks that may affect their livelihood. The authors identify a new type of SRMS, noninstitutionalized SRMS, to the two existing types, exchange networks and patron-client relations. A qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) is used to identify factors which explain the variation in SRMS: livelihood diversification, economic differentiation, political economy, risk exposure, and key economic animal.

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