Living with kin in lowland horticultural societies

Current Anthropology Vol/Iss. 54 (1) Published In Pages: 96-103
By Walker, Robert S., Beckerman, Stephen, Flinn, Mark V., Gurven, Michael, von Rueden, Christopher, Kramer, Karen L., Greaves, Russell D., Cordoba, Lorena, Villar, Diego, Hagen, Edward H., Koster, Jeremy M., Sugiyama, Lawrence, Hunter, Tiffany E., Hill, Kim


This article examines marital residence and sibling coresidence among horticulturalists in the South American lowlands. The authors reject a hypothesis that patrilocality is the defining trait of Amazonian tropical forest culture. Results on horticulturalists are compared with findings on hunter-gatherers: horticulturalists tend to be more uxorilocal. Empirical analysis also suggests that women tend to live with more kin later in life, and in large villages headmen live with more kin than nonheadmen.

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