Comparative study of reproductive skew and pair-bond stability using genealogies from 80 small-scale human societies

American Journal of Human Biology Published In Pages: 1-8
By Ellsworth, Ryan M., Shenk, Mary K., Bailey, Drew H., Walker, Robert S.


Authors use genealogical data to investigate pair bond stability and reproductive skew across a sample of 80 small-scale societies. Results suggest that male reproductive skew and pair-bond stability are independent sources of cross-cultural variation in human mating patterns.


Data for 61,181 siblings derived from 80 small-scale societies of varying subsistence modes and global locations.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
KinSources Other ResearchersOnline peer-reviewed repository of genealogical datasets
Hill et al. (2011) DatasetOther Researchers5 hunter-gatherer (foraging) societies
Walker et al. (2013) DatasetResearchers Own18 Amazonian horticultural societies

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