Ecology and diet: some ecological variables in the choice of food animals among 18 circumpolar cultures

Cross-cultural studies of factors related to differential food consumption Leary, James R. Published In Pages: 49-76
By Dentan, Robert


The author asserts that ecological conditions (and associated survival necessities) underwrite all human behavior and may be used to produce some general rules. Considering this, the author suggests that "culture" as a concept should be used to explain deviations from these essential rules rather than to explain all human behavioral phenomena. Data is compiled into a discursive presentation of the most important ecological factors determining choice in food animal consumption in "the primitive diet." These include abundance, herding (propensity to live in a herd or group), animal body size, dangerousness to humans, and "humanity" (spiritual closeness to humans or having a human spirit).


18 cases in sample; restricted to circumpolar region.


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