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  1. Causes of conjugal dissolution: a cross-cultural studyBetzig, Laura L. - Current Anthropology, 1989 - 3 Hypotheses

    This study focuses on predictors of divorce, cross-culturally. Variables measuring infidelity, infertility, personality, economy, kin, absence, health, ritual and politics are tested. An evolutionary/adaptionist approach is found to be most useful in explaining the nature of conjugal dissolution cross-culturally.

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  2. Despotism and differential reproduction: a cross-cultural correlation of conflict asymmetry, hierarchy, and degree of polygynyBetzig, Laura L. - Ethnology and Sociobiology, 1982 - 2 Hypotheses

    This article uses a Darwinian approach, predicting that hierarchies persist and increase in social evolution because they increase fitness for individuals at higher levels within the hierarchy who choose to further social assymetry and benefit their fitness at the expense of the greater group. Polygyny is used as the indicator of fitness. Correlations tested support the hypothesis.

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