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  1. Anthropological studies of dreamsD'Andrade, Roy G. - Psychological Anthropology: Approaches to Culture and Personality, 1961 - 2 Hypotheses

    This article proposes that societal factors that cause anxiety concerning isolation and self-reliance leads to a preoccupation with dreams. Authors test associations between subsistence economy and marital residence and the use of dreams to seek and control supernatural powers.

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  2. A cross-cultural study of some supernatural beliefsSpiro, Melford E. - Cross-Cultural Approaches, 1967 - 6 Hypotheses

    This article examines the relationship between child training and supernatural beliefs. The authors develop a schema delineating the role of the supernatural in nurturance and punishment; ten hypotheses associating the role of the supernatural with various child training practices are tested. Several are confirmed.

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  3. Kin-avoidanceStephens, William N. - The Oedipus Complex: Cross-Cultural Evidence, 1962 - 3 Hypotheses

    The authors test the male Oedipus complex hypothesis with a prediction suggesting that the scale of kin-avoidance is related to "a phobic attitude towards incest" (129).

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