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  1. The lineage pattern of kinship nomenclature: its significance and developmentDole, Gertrude E. - Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 1965 - 3 Hypotheses

    This paper investigates correlations between social structure and the pattern of kindship nomenclature. Results suggest that lineage nomenclatures are associated with several aspects of social structure, including unilineal descent, the domestication of plants and animals and inheritance.

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  2. Developmental sequences of kinship patternsDole, Gertrude E. - Kinship Studies in the Morgan Centennial Year, 1972 - 1 Hypotheses

    The author aims to come up with an evolutionary or developmental pattern of kinship nomenclature and in this paper takes preliminary steps to correlate different types of nomenclature with levels of complexity. Suggests that more complex societies have more dimensions of nomenclature (e.g., generation, sex, descent, degrees of descent, etc.)

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