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  1. Girls' puberty rites and matrilocal residenceDriver, Harold E. - American Anthropologist, 1969 - 1 Hypotheses

    This study challenges an earlier paper's claim that matrilocal residence predicts the development of girls' puberty rites. The author suggests that girls' puberty rites may in fact predate matrilocality in some locations.

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  2. Correlational analysis of murdock's 1957 ethnographic sampleDriver, Harold E. - American Anthropologist, 1967 - 5 Hypotheses

    This paper "reduces Murdock's 210 categories to 30 variables, and intercorrelates and factor analyzes the variables for six world subdivisions as well as for the entire world." This article also discusses factor analysis as a method and examines the correlations more closely between the two regions that differed the most, North America and the Circum-Mediterranean.

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  3. Geographical-historical versus psycho-functional explanations of kin avoidancesDriver, Harold E. - Comparative Studies by Harold E. Driver and Essays in His Honor, 1966 - 1 Hypotheses

    This article re-examines previous hypotheses by Tylor regarding kin avoidance behavior. The author tests hypotheses on a sample of North American societies that accounts for genetic language families. Results provide partial support for hypotheses.

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