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  1. Factors and patterns: the nature of sociocultural variationErickson, Edwin E. - Behavior Science Research - 0 Hypotheses

    The author claims that variance in sociocultural variables can be mostly be attributed to associations that are not cross-cultural. Although some patterns are universal, many social patterns occur on a regional, rather than worldwide, scale. This study presents a factor analysis of sociocultural variables that supports these claims.

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  2. Self-assertion, sex role, and vocal raspErickson, Edwin E. - Folk Song Style and Culture, 1968 - 2 Hypotheses

    This chapter examines the relationship between singing behavior, specifically vocal rasp, and sex-role differences. Results suggest that conformity training is negatively associated with the use of vocal rasp. Results also suggest that women are more likely to sing with vocal rasp in societies where they make a more significant contribution to subsistence.

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  3. Tradition and evolution in song style: a reanalysis of cantometric dataErickson, Edwin E. - Behavior Science Research, 1976 - 3 Hypotheses

    The author reanalyzes hypotheses proposed by Lomax et al. (1968) that are based on Lomax's collection of cantometric data. Considering historical/regional variables, the author suggests that difusion and common history better explain certain musical features such as wordiness than functional and evolutionary processes. However, other Lomax findings are supported involving interlocked, contrapuntal singing and narrow nasal-voiced singing.

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