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  1. Cross-cultural comparison of learning in human huntingMacDonald, Katharine - Human Nature, 2007 - 0 Hypotheses

    Using qualitative ethnographic data on the development of hunting skills, MacDonald evaluates several previous models of life history theory and the role of learning. Alternative theories and predictions are identified. Although the sample is ad-hoc and no hypotheses are statistically tested, MacDonald descriptively analyzes cross-cultural similarities and differences to gain insight into human evolution, hunting, and learning.

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  2. Burning the land: An ethnographic study of off-site fire use by current and historically documented foragers and implications for the interpretation of past fire practices in the landscapeScherjon, Fulco - Current Anthropology, 2015 - 4 Hypotheses

    The authors assemble an inventory of burning practices based on cross-cultural ethnographic data in order to elucidate or provide interpretive range for burning patterns seen in the archaeological record. Although no explicit hypotheses are tested, descriptive generalizations are proposed.

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