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  1. War, sports, and aggression: an empirical test of two rival theoriesSipes, Richard G. - American Anthropologist, 1973 - 1 Hypotheses

    This study empirically tests two models of war, sports, and aggression: the drive discharge model which predicts sports and war will be inversely associated, and the culture pattern model which predicts sports and war will be directly associated. A direct association is supported. Relevant theory is discussed.

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  2. Population growth, society, and culture: an inventory of cross-culturally tested causal hypothesesSipes, Richard G. - , 1980 - 51 Hypotheses

    This book examines population growth rate and its correlates by testing 274 hypotheses (derived from multiple theories) with an 18-society sample. Forty-one of these hypotheses were significant at the .05 level, leading the author to accept these relationships as reflective of the real world. The 274 hypotheses are grouped into 51 broader hypotheses, and marked by (*) where relationships are significant as designated by the author or by significance p < 0.05.

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