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  1. The evolutionary significance of incest rulesThornhill, Nancy Wilmsen - Ethnology and Sociobiology, 1990 - 4 Hypotheses

    This article investigates incest rules, proposing that they are instituted by rulers as a way of preventing wealth-concentration among non-ruling families. Three hypotheses are derived and supported with empirical analysis. Two alternative evolutionary hypotheses are discussed and dismissed by the author.

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  2. Human rape: an evolutionary analysisThornhill, Randy - Ethnology and Sociobiology, 1983 - 1 Hypotheses

    This article presents tests of hypotheses derived from an evolutionary approach to the rape of women. A cross-cultural test of the relationship between polygyny and rape in non-industrial societies is presented. Results suggest that the degree of polygyny is positively associated with the severity of punishment for rape.

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