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  1. Family role differentiation and women's subsistence contributionWhyte, Martin King - American Sociological Review, 1976 - 0 Hypotheses

    This paper reviews Aronoff and Crano's (1975) hypotheses and procedures. Whyte asserts that their arguments regarding the hypothesis that males universally assume the role of task specialist in the subsistence economy, is in fact a straw man and has already been well established.

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  2. The status of women in preindustrial societiesWhyte, Martin King - , 1978 - 23 Hypotheses

    This book is concerned with explaining variation in the status of women. The author, after measuring over 50 aspects of status, first concludes that status is not a unitary concept. Therefore the author looks at 10 different domains of status. Many traditional explanations are not supported; most support is found for the influence of social complexity which generally lowers female status.

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  3. Cross-cultural studies of women and the male bias problemWhyte, Martin King - Behavior science resesarch, 1978 - 2 Hypotheses

    A feminist critique of ethnographic information is tested to determine if the gender of fieldworkers or coders has a significant effect on the reliability of data regarding women's status. Findings indicate that there is no male bias in coding. With regard to male versus female ethnographers, only a few results (no more than chance) found any evidence of possible bias, but they are all in the same direction with female ethnographers more favorable. Author suggests that any bias will be lessened by using more specific coding scales.

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