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  1. Why on earth?: Evaluating hypotheses about the physiological functions of human geophagyYoung, Sera L. - The Quarterly Review of Biology, 2011 - 5 Hypotheses

    The author tests various hypotheses regarding cross-cultural occurrence of geophagy, the eating of earth. Nearly 500 years of references to geophagy were compiled into the Database on Human Geophagy, which was then used to examine biological justifications for this little-understood behavior.

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  2. Medicine beneath your feet: a biocultural examination of the risks and benefits of geophagyYoung, Sera L. - Clays and Clay Minerals, 2019 - 1 Hypotheses

    Researchers examine the body of literature on the practice of geophagy(the consumption of earth), shining a light on the harms, benefits, and proposed reasoning behind the practice cross-sectionally. In addition to this review of the literature, gaps in the literature and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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  3. Water sharing is a distressing form of reciprocity: Shame, upset, anger, and conflict over water in twenty cross-cultural sitesWutich, Amber - American Anthropologist, 2022 - 3 Hypotheses

    This paper investigates the emotional and social outcomes of water sharing within societies and suggests water sharing is a unique reciprocity act that results in negative emotional outcomes, rather than the usual prestige and rank. A questionnaire regarding water sharing and receiving was carried out across 20 sites, targeting 250 houses per community. The authors found that both water sharing and receiving resulted in more distress and conflict than those who shared less.

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