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  1. A cross-cultural linguistic analysis of freudian symbolsMinturn, Leigh - Cross-Cultural Studies, 1969 - 1 Hypotheses

    This article examines dream symbols that are classified by gender. Tests of six languages from six branches suggest that objects that appear as male or female dream symbols are represented by corresponding gendered words (i.e. masculine or feminine nouns).

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  2. Basic color terms: their universality and evolutionBerlin, Brent - , 1969 - 1 Hypotheses

    The research presented in this book challenges the notion that languages develop color terms independently of other languages. Authors find a universal inventory of eleven basic color categories from which the basic color terms are drawn. Authors also find an apparent fixed sequence of evolutionary stages through which a language must pass as its color vocabulary increases. A postive correlation between cultural complexity and complexity of color vocabulary is observed.

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