Initiation ceremonies: a cross-cultural study of status dramatization

Bobbs-Merrill Indianapolis Published In Pages: ??
By Young, Frank W.


"There is an association between male solidarity [and type of female household organization]" (93)


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Comparison of percentagesSupportedNot ApplicableUNKNOWNUNKNOWN

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Young, Frank W."[There is a] curvilinear [relationship between] articulation level [community complexity] and elaboration of female initiation ceremonies and female solidarity type [female work groups, institutionalized household unity]" (110)
Pryor, Frederic L.Forager economic type will not be associated with famine threat, percentage of hunting subsistence, presence of gambling, conflict, corporate descent groups, household form, family form, marital form, postmarital residence, female power, male aggression, and male dominance (408, 415, 416).
Young, Frank W."Forms of armed conflict that, as a unit, actively involve all or nearly all the men of the community are associated with solidarity" (70)
Young, Frank W."The two aspects of what may not be labeled 'absent-father family organization' have no empirical relation to initiation ceremonies when male solidarity is controlled" (386)
Young, Frank W.Male solidarity has a curvilinear relationship with the complexity of the local community. Where local autonomy prevails and division of labor is minimal, men's organizations are lacking. Under conditions of high social complexity, on the other hand, complex division of labor undermines male solidarity. Therefore, male solidarity is strongest at the middle levels of community complexity (100, 104)