Organization of work: a comparative analysis of production among nonindustrial peoples

HRAF Press New Haven Published In Pages: 182
By Udy, Stanley H., Jr.


"Voluntary organization is negatively associated with centralized government. . . . Voluntary organization tends to be absent . . . if custodial organizations are present . . . in the same society" (66)


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Yule’s QSupportedp<.001-.75UNKNOWN

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Udy, Stanley H., Jr."Under conditions of centralized government, hunting and fishing tend to be carried on by custodial, rather than voluntary organizations. . . . Tillage, construction and animal husbandry tend to be carried on by custodial, rather than familial organizations" (64-65)
Udy, Stanley H., Jr."Custodial and contractual organizations tend to exist only in societies having centralized governments" (64)
Udy, Stanley H., Jr."Tillage, construction, and animal husbandry tend to be carried on by custodial or familial organizations. . . . . Hunting, fishing and collection tend to be carried on by voluntary organizations. . . . If hunting and fishing are not carried on by voluntary organizations they tend to be carried on by custodial organizations" (62-63)
Udy, Stanley H., Jr."Familial and custodial organizations tend to involve managerial or separated proprietorship; contractual and voluntary organizations, corporate proprietorship" (62)
Udy, Stanley H., Jr."In custodial or voluntary organizations with balanced systems produce tends to be used as a distribution item rather than money or goods in kind. In familial organizations with balanced systems money or goods in kind tend to be used as distribution items" (106)