Group autonomy and internal group control

Social Forces Vol/Iss. 33 Published In Pages: 322-326
By March, James G.


"The range within which a group can manipulate the orientations of the individual members to behavior situations increases monotonically with increase in the autonomy of the group" (325)


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Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
March, James G."The effectiveness of a group's control over the members of the group increases monotonically with increase in the autonomy of the group" (326)
Schlegel, Alice"I hypothesize that matrilateral cross-cousin marriage is associated with husband authority in the domestic group, and that patrilateral cross-cousin marriage is associated with brother authority in the domestic group" (10)
Schlegel, Alice". . . in societies in which fraternal authority characterizes the domestic group, there will be an emphasis upon sibling incest; . . . in societies in which the husband has authority over the domestic group, the emphasis will be upon father-daughter incest" (12)
Schlegel, Alice"Sibling avoidance occurs most frequently in societies with husband authority, as a mechanism for keeping the brother, who has some authority over his sister within the descent group, from interfering in her marriage, in which her husband has authority" (26)
Schlegel, Alice"Where craft specialization is developed, skilled labor becomes a valuable asset. . . . It would, then, be to the economic advantage of the group to have a strong managerial figure, and one form of male dominance would result" (80)