Sex differences in socialization anxiety

The Journal of Social Psychology Vol/Iss. 109 Published In Pages: 17-23
By Welch, Michael R., Miller Page, Barbara


Mean levels of independence-related anxiety will be higher for males than for females (19).


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Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Prothro, E. TerryFindings: A factor analysis of permissiveness yielded three unrelated factors. Factor 3 in the permissiveness factor analysis, "independence-anality" factor, loaded heavily and positively on anal socialization anxiety and age at independence socialization. This factor loads heavily and negatively on initial anal indulgence (152)
Allen, Martin G."There are no significant correlations between either crime or aggression and: the childhood variables of responsibility, self reliance, independence . . . and aggression satisfaction and anxiety in childhood . . ." (265)
Broude, Gwen J.No significant relationships were found between premarital sex norms and the following caretaking-anxiety variables: display of affection, age of independence training, ease of independence training, age of weaning, number of caretakers (395, 396)
Terry, Roger L.Monotheism and dependence nurturance during childhood will be inversely related on a societal level. "Societies in which independence is stressed during childhood were hypothesized to evidence monotheistic beliefs, while societies in which dependence is nurtured were expected not to evidence monotheism (p.176)."
Whiting, John W.M.". . . the pressure for independence in the nuclear household in contrast to all others is not only strikingly earlier, but also more severe . . ." (179)