Social integration and suicide: a test of durkheim's theory

Behavior Science Research Vol/Iss. 12 Published In Pages: 251-269
By Masumura, Wilfred T.


Rates of suicide will be negatively associated with organized priesthood (253, 262).


The relationship, while not significant, is in opposite direction.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
tau-bNot Supportedp<.08UNKNOWNUNKNOWN


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
Organized PriesthoodIndependentPriesthood

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Simmons, Leo W."In short, organized priesthood appears as a product of more complex and highly developed social systems, and it is in these that the aged have found the best opportunities for the exercise of priestly functions"
Gouldner, Alvin W.Findings: Factor A, "Apollonianism or Norm-Sending", has high positive loadings (oblimax rotation) for: elaboration of ceremony and ritual, organized priesthood, authority vested in judges, power vested in chief, government by restricted council, and attractiveness of future life. Highest negative loadings are for marriage by capture and domesticated animals other than herded.
Bowden, Edgar"Traits [loading above .5 on] rotated factor Index of Social Development [are]: permanency of residence, group life, agriculture, use of grain for food, constancy of food supply, domesticated animals other than herded, mining and smelting of metals, metals obtained from outside, pottery, weaving, money or other standard medium of exchange, trade, private property in land, power vested in a chief, codified laws, authority of judges, plutocracy, and organized priesthood" (456)
Krauss, Herbert H."Whether a suicide case was considered IF [interpersonal frustration] of EF [extrapersonal frustration] was . . . independent of case length" (80)
Rootman, IrvingIntegration and regulation will be associated with a society's suicide rate (85, 93)