Coping with anger and aggression in mourning

Journal of Death and Dying Vol/Iss. 3 Published In Pages: 271-284
By Rosenblatt, Paul C., Jackson, Douglas A., Walsh, R. Patricia


The marking of widows will be positively associated with two measures of institutionalized anger and aggression: widows’ attacks on self and somebody is an institutionalized target (277).


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
Marking Of WidowsDependentMourning
Somebody Is An Institutionalized TargetIndependentMourning
Widows' Attacks On SelfIndependentMourning

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Rosenblatt, Paul C.The isolation of widows will be positively associated with widows’ attacks on institutionalized targets or herself (276).
Rosenblatt, Paul C."Where there was institutionalized anger and aggression, there would be marking and isolation of the bereaved" (39). Isolation correlated positively with the following measures of anger and aggression: widow attacks something or self; widower attacks something. Marking correlated positively with widow attacks self or somebody who is institutionalized target; parents attack something (152-153)
Rosenblatt, Paul C.Duration of marking parents will be positively associated with parents’ expression of measure of anger and aggression (the parent of sub-adult offspring attacking something) (277).
Rosenblatt, Paul C.There are sex differences for emotion expressed by bereaved persons. Women cry significantly more frequently and average a higher frequency of self mutilation during bereavement than do men. But men were judged to have a significantly higher frequency of anger and aggression during bereavement than women (145, 146)
Rosenblatt, Paul C.Anger and aggression will be negatively associated with the amount done by religious and nonreligious ritual specialists up to and during initial body disposal (271, 275).