Bilateral kinship: centripetal and centrifugal types of organization

Journal of Marriage and the Family Vol/Iss. 37 Published In Pages: 871-888
By Farber, Bernard


Linear nomenclature for uncles will be associated with succession, financial consideration at marriage, marital residence, and household type (881).


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Frederic L. PryorForaging economy type (Classic, transitional, human-wealth oriented, intangible-wealth oriented, politically oriented, and physical-wealth oriented) will be associated with certain social structural characteristics (50).
Porcic, MarkoMarital residence (matrilocal versus patrilocal) will be associated with household floor area (414).
Pryor, Frederic L.Forager economic type will not be associated with famine threat, percentage of hunting subsistence, presence of gambling, conflict, corporate descent groups, household form, family form, marital form, postmarital residence, female power, male aggression, and male dominance (408, 415, 416).
Kloos, Peter"Among societies practicing matrilocal residence if there is local exogamy, authority must be an achieved status; if there is matrilineal succession of authority, the community must tend to endogamy" (858)
De Leeuwe, J."Patriliny versus matriliny is linked relatively more strongly with other than cross-cousin marriage systems . . . and with other than extractive subsistence type (industrialisation left out) provided [non-extractive] subsistence type is accompanied by marital neolocality" (112)