Permanent group membership

Biological Theory Vol/Iss. 9 Springer Published In Pages: 318-324
By Roes, Frans L.


Active high gods will be more likely in societies with patrilocal marital residence, patrilineal descent, and transfer of wife to husband’s group after marriage (321). This will be true when individually controlling for society size (jurisdictional hierarchy), stratification, region, and religion.


All correlations tested separately. The high god variable was only signficantly correlated with marital residence and descent without controls. These tests used data from the Standard Cross Cultural Sample.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
CorrelationNot SupportedNot SignificantKendall's tau-b range: 0.05 - 0.211No Info

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Roes, Frans L.Patrilocal societies are more likely to have active high gods (321). This will be true when individually controlling for society size (jurisdictional hierarchy), class stratification, caste stratification, and region.
Stewart, Robert A. C.Findings: A factor analysis of key dimensions to describe a given culture yielded 12 factors. Factor 5, "matrilineal kin groups", loaded highly and positively on Crow-type cousin terminology; kin group matrilineal; community segmented on a clan basis; matrilocal marital residence; cousin marriage unilateral; codified laws present. Factor 5 loaded highly and negatively on kin groups patrilineal or double descent; marital residence patrilocal (59)
Naroll, RaoulOver the general course of evolution during the past several thousand years [peaceful] borrowing has been at least as important a selection factor as has been [warlike] migration. Triads consisting of 1) base society 2) nearby society from different language family (borrowers) and 3) distant society from same language family as base society (migrators) were compared for eleven culture traits (209, 204)
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