Political and demographic-ecological determinants of institutionalised human sacrifice

Anthropological Forum: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Comparative Sociology Vol/Iss. 24 Published In Pages: 47-70
By Winkelman, Michael James


The prevalence of "legitimate" or institutionalized human sacrifice in a given society is associated with certain geopolitical conditions and demographic-ecological conditions (48).


The first four independent variables (alliances, population stress, kin selection executive, and internal war for resources) were each independent significant predictors. Class stratification, patrilineal inheritance, patrilocal marital residence, higher political organization, and levels of autonomy were all considered but found not to be significant.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Multiple Linear Regression; Binary Logistic AnalysesSupportedp < 0.05UNKNOWNUNKNOWN