Population growth, society, and culture: an inventory of cross-culturally tested causal hypotheses

HRAF Press New Haven, CT Published In Pages: 126
By Sipes, Richard G.


Ease of divorce will be negatively associated with Population Growth Rate (PGR) (64).


Ease of divorce is measured as a composite of 18 variables, including ease of divorce for males and females, male and female abilities divorce if he or she desires, for adultery, for spouse's infertility, for desertion, for cruelty, and for non-support, and unimportance of consequences of divorce for males and females.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
GammaNot Supportedp = 0.39gamma = 0.08UNKNOWN


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
Ease Of DivorceIndependentTermination Of Marriage
Population Growth RateDependentPopulation