Adolescence: an anthropological inquiry

The Free Press New York Published In Pages: 262
By Schlegel, Alice, Barry III, Herbert


Greater incidence of antisocial behavior in adolescents than in adults will be predicted by certain characteristics of adolescence (148).


Greater antisocial behavior in boys than in men was predicted by visual differentiation from adults (r = 0.44), corporal punishment (r = 0.44), low intimacy with father (r = 0.49), high conflict with mother (r = 0.56) and father (r = 0.32), exclusion of younger children from recreational activities (r = 0.32, and inculcation of obedience (r = 0.26). Greater antisocial behavior in adolescent girls than in women was predicted by conflict with father (r = 0.40), contact with peers (r = -0.30), and high evaluation of adolescent girls (r = 0.28).


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Pearson's chi-squarePartially supportedp < 0.05UNKNOWNUNKNOWN