A cross-cultural study of female initiation rites

American Anthropologist Vol/Iss. 65 American Anthropological Association Published In Pages: 837-853
By Brown, Judith K.


Societies with patrilocal residence and exclusive mother-infant sleeping will be associated with female initiation rites involving extreme pain


"Extreme pain in the form of a genital operation or extensive tattooing (843)." Chi-square is applied to the whole table, not just to the hypothesized contrast


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Chi-squareSupportedp < .02UNKNOWNUNKNOWN


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
Female Initiation Rites With Extreme PainDependentPuberty And Initiation
Mother-infant Sleeping, ExclusiveIndependent CombinedSleeping, Infant Care
Patrilocal ResidenceIndependent CombinedResidence