Magico-religious practitioner types and socioeconomic conditions

Cross-Cultural Research Vol/Iss. 20(1-4) Sage Published In Pages: 17-46
By Winkelman, Michael James


"Societies with a single practitioner type were generally hunting and gathering societies; while those with two practitioner types always had agriculture as a major mode of subsistence. The societies with three practitioner types present had agricultural or pastoral economies and, with one exception, political integration beyond the local level. Those societies with four practitioner types present had agriculture and political integration beyond the local level and, with one exception, the presence of classes." (37)


Further, the Practitioner Type Configuration variable was independently and significantly correlated with the presence/absence of agriculture, the presence/absence of political integration beyond the local community, and the presence/absence of classes. No significant diffusion effects.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Autocorrelation multiple regressionSupportedmultiple p-valuesmultiple r-valuesUNKNOWN