Burning the land: An ethnographic study of off-site fire use by current and historically documented foragers and implications for the interpretation of past fire practices in the landscape

Current Anthropology Vol/Iss. 56(3) University of Chicago Press Published In Pages: 299-326
By Scherjon, Fulco, Bakels, Corrie, MacDonald, Katharine, Roebroeks, Wil


There is a discrepancy between the "historical visibility of hunter-gatherer burning practices as reconstructed through ethnohistorical accounts and the relative invisibility of such firing practices in nearly contemporaneous proxies, such as charcoal and pollen records"(314.


The authors suggest that "all fire-producing hominins would have been characterized by a range of off-site fire usage comparable to the general pattern described in this paper"(314). Note: these are descriptive generalizations.


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