Individual Mate Choice in an Arranged Marriage Context: Evidence from the Standard Cross-cultural Sample

Evolutionary Psychological Science Vol/Iss. 3(3) Springer Published In Pages: 193-200
By Apostolou, Menelaos


Subsistence type and marriage type will affect the double standard with regard to premarital sex; this relationship will differ between societies where arranged marriages are prevalent and societies where it is not (p.195)."


"For slightly less than half of the societies in the sample, there was a double standard where the premarital relationships of men were more tolerated than the premarital relationships of women. On the other hand, in arranged marriage societies, the double standard was found in more than 60% of the societies (p.197)." Additionally, "the odds ratio indicated that arranged married societies, as opposed to the rest of the societies, were 4.3 times more likely to classify as "Yes" than "No, equal restrictions on male and female (p.197)".


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Multinomial logistic regressionPartialSubsistence Type not significant, Marriage Type p =0.01Marriage Type: Chi-square=6.65UNKNOWN