Individual Mate Choice in an Arranged Marriage Context: Evidence from the Standard Cross-cultural Sample

Evolutionary Psychological Science Vol/Iss. 3(3) Springer Published In Pages: 193-200
By Apostolou, Menelaos


Subsistence type and marriage type will affect the prevalence rate for rape; this relationship will differ between societies where arranged marriages are prevalent and societies where it is not (p.195)."


Rape was found to be either absent or rate in about 60% of societies, with the respective rating in arranged marriage societies to be about 30% (p.197). "The odds ratio indicated that arranged married societies were 14 times more likely to classify as 'Common' than 'Absent or Rare,' as opposed to the rest of the societies (p.197-8)."


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Multinomial logistic regressionPartialSubsistence Type not significant, Marriage Type p =0.005Marriage Type: Chi-square=7.89UNKNOWN