Premastication: the second arm of infant and young child feeding for health and survival?

Maternal and Child Nutrition Vol/Iss. 6 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Published In Pages: 4-18
By Pelto, Gretel H., Zhang, Yuanyuan, Habicht, Jean-Pierre


Premastication exists as a behavioral trait cross-culturally on all continents and in all subsistence types.


Looked at 119 sampled societies that contained the OCM code 853 (infant feeding) or 862 (weaning). 38 of the societies mentioned premastication use. These 38 existed across all 6 HRAF regional groups. 31 of the 38 that mentioned premastication cited the purpose of providing food for babies.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Occurence ComparisonSupportedNANANA


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
PremasticationDependentInfant Feeding, Weaning And Food Training

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