Cross-Cultural Invariances in the Architecture of Shame

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol/Iss. 155 (39) National Academy of Sciences Washington, D.C Published In Pages: 9702-9707
By Sznycer, Daniel, Xygalatas, Dimitris, Agey, Elizabeth, Alami, Sarah, An, Xiao-Fen, Ananyeva, Kristina I., Atkinson, Quentin D., Broitman, Bernardo R., Conte, Thomas J., Flores, Carola, Fukushima, Shintaro, Hitokoto, Hidefumi, Kharitonov, Alexander N. , Onyishi, Charity N. , Onyishi, Ike E. , Romero, Pedro P. , Schrock, Joshua M., Snodgrass, J. Josh, Sugiyama, Lawrence S., Takemura, Kosuke, Townsend, Cathryn, Zhuang, Jin-Ying, Aktipis, C. Athena, Cronk, Lee, Cosmides, Leda, Tooby, John


An individual’s degree of self-shame as the result of performing a particular act will be positively associated with the degree of devaluation which the individual’s community places on the act (9704).


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
CorrelationSupportedp < 0.05UNKNOWNUNKNOWN