Quantifying the relationship between food sharing practices and socio-ecological variables in small-scale societies: A cross-cultural multi-methodological approach

PLoS ONE Vol/Iss. 14(5) Public Library of Science Published In Pages: 1-31
By Ahedo, Virginia, Caro, Jorge, Bortolini, Eugenio, Zurro, Débora, Madella, Marco, Galán, José Manuel


There is a positive relationship between the distribution of food sharing practices and the environmental and socio-ecological variables considered (16).


Environmental Variables: Annual mean temperature (C), Annual temperature variance (C), Temperature constancy, Temperature contingency, Annual mean precipitation (mm), Annual precipitation variance, Precipitation constancy, Precipitation contingency, Distance to the coast (km), Elevation (masl), Slope (degrees) Economic Variables: Monthly mean net primary production, Annual net primary production variance, Net primary production constancy, Net primary production contingency, Population size, Relative percentage of dependence on: Hunting, Gathering, Animal Husbandry, Fishing, Agriculture Basic sharing practices: Mutualism, Tolerated Theft, Communal Consumption, Women as Distributors, Other Distributors, Ranked Mutualism, Kin Selection, Group Selection, Network Selection, Prestige, Status Distribution, Demand Sharing, Reciprocal Altruism, Necessity


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