Quantifying the relationship between food sharing practices and socio-ecological variables in small-scale societies: A cross-cultural multi-methodological approach

PLoS ONE Vol/Iss. 14(5) Public Library of Science Published In Pages: 1-31
By Ahedo, Virginia, Caro, Jorge, Bortolini, Eugenio, Zurro, Débora, Madella, Marco, Galán, José Manuel


There is a positive relationship between the percentage of dependence on animal husbandry and the development of food sharing practices dominated by status distribution (14).


Only one of the three tests (Fligner-Policello, Brunner and Munzel and Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney) found this to be statistically significant, so the researchers cautioned against claiming this relationship to be significant on its own without additional research.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Brunner and MunzelPartially Supportedp<.05UNKNOWNUNKNOWN