Patterns of paternal investment predict cross-cultural variation in jealous response

Nature Human Behavior Vol/Iss. . Nature Human Behavior Published In Pages: 1-10
By Scelza, B. A., Prall, S. P., Blumenfield, T.


Increased levels of paternal investment and provisioning were associated with harsher views of male, but not female emotional infidelity .


For a depiction of the severity ratings see figure 3 of the paper. Male= β=−0.25, 89% PI=−0.56 to 0.05, β(pr<0 = 91.5% Female = β=−0.40, 89% PI=−0.74 to −0.05, β(pr<0 = 96.3%


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
UNKNOWNSupportedmale = 91.5% female = 96.3%UNKNOWNUNKNOWN