Identity fusion, outgroup relations, and sacrifice: A cross-cultural test

Cognition Vol/Iss. 186 ScienceDirect Published In Pages: 1-6
By Purzycki, Benjamin Grant, Lang, Martin


Positive outgroup relations are correlated with sacrificing more money to distant ingroup members (3).


This model predicted an 8% increase in the probability of an individual sacrificing a coin when outgroup relations were at their minimum. See model 2 on page 4 for further description.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Bayesian binomial logistic regressionSupportedUNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWN


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
SacrificeDependentGift Giving, Mutual Aid
Outgroup relationsIndependentInterpersonal Relations