Climate Variability, Drought, and the Belief that High Gods Are Associated with Weather in Nonindustrial Societies

Weather, Climate, and Society Vol/Iss. 13(2) American Meteorological Society Boston Published In Pages: 259-272
By Ember, Carol R., Skoggard, Ian, Felzer, Benjamin, Pitek, Emily, Jiang, Mingkai


There will be a correlation between dry climates and resource stress.


Both dry and wet predictability factors were mostly uncorrelated with resource stress measures or were only marginally significant, with r values for dry ranging from -0.20-0.28 and r values for wet (reverse coded) ranging from -0.20 to -0.02. Wet climates were significantly associated with less resource stress. The variable most consistently significant was "Low Plant and Animal Richness." Low richness is predicted by dry climate, whereas wet climates predict high richness.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Pearson's rPartially supportedp<0.05r=0.34Two-tailed