Economics and Family Structures

Working Papers ECARES Vol/Iss. 2021-21 Université Libre de Bruxelles Brussels Published In Pages: 1-39
By Baudin, Thomas, De Rock, Bram, Gobbi, Paula Eugenia


Ancestral nuclear, stem, and complex family types will be heterogeneous cross-culturally.


Geographic maps and fractions illustrating support shown in paper.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Geographic mapsSupport claimedN/AN/AN/A


Variable NameVariable Type OCM Term(s)
Ancestral Family TypeUNKNOWNNuclear Family, Extended Families

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Michaelson, Evalyn Jacobson"There is a weak correlation between adherence to the Buddhist Great Tradition and the presence of ancestral shrines. . . . Frequent ritual observances for the ancestors are not limited to one religious tradition, but they are more likely to be found in Buddhist communities than in non Buddhist communities in our sample" (88, 89-90)
Swanson, Guy E."There is a positive and significant relationship between the presence in a society of sovereign kinship groups other than the nuclear family and a belief that ancestral spirits are active in human affairs" (108)
Michaelson, Evalyn Jacobson". . . moral pressures [ranging from sense of moral obligation to preserve family land to conception of retaining land in family line as a sacred duty] are highly correlated with patrilineal land inheritance . . . And, more over, are frequently an integral part of the symbolic structure of the ancestral cult" (92)
Michaelson, Evalyn Jacobson"When we examine the relationship between ancestral shrines and patrilineal inheritance of land, we find that there is a high correlation. . . . Among the households in these patrilineal communities family rituals are held more consistently . . . [and] with greater frequency" (90)
Somersan, SemraMatrilineal societies will be more likely to believe in ancestral spirits (156).