Explaining divergence in the long-term effects of precolonial centralization on access to public infrastructure services in Nigeria

World Development Vol/Iss. 121 Elsevier Amsterdam Published In Pages: 123-140
By Archibong, Belinda


The relationship between precolonial centralization and access to public infrastructure services will be mitigated by the military president's region of origin, and punishment will be more severe in areas that are not favored. (134)


Non-favored areas defined as an area that is not a military president's region of origin. Results given for no military president areas that had precolonial centralization, and had less access to federal infrastructure services than areas with precolonial centralization when not accounting for military president.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Ordinary least squares regressionSupportedGrid: p<0.05; Flush: p<0.1UNKNOWNUNKNOWN