The modern impact of precolonial centralization in Africa

Journal of Economic Growth Vol/Iss. 12 Springer New York Published In Pages: 185-234
By Gennaioli, Nicola, Rainer, Ilia


Precolonial centralization will be positively correlated with public goods provisioning in Africa. (195)


Precolonial centralization was positively correlated with percentage of roads paved (p<0.01), percentage of infants immunized for DPT (p<0.01), and school attainment (p<0.05); negatively correlated with infant mortality (p<0.01) and adult illiteracy rate (p<0.01). This hypothesis was tested with multiple controls in order to rule out two alternative hypotheses of advancement and national politics, and remained significant.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Ordinary least squares regressionSupportedSee noteNo standardized coefficients listedUNKNOWN