The moralization bias of gods’ minds: a cross-cultural test

Religion, Brain, and Behavior Vol/Iss. 12(1-2) Taylor and Francis Published In Pages: 38-60
By Purzycki, Benjamin Grant, Willard, Aiyana K., Klocová, Eva Kundtová, Apicella, Coren, Atkinson, Quentin D., Bolyanatz, Alexander, Cohen, Emma, Handley, Carla, Henrich, Joseph, Lang, Martin, Lesorogol, Carolyn, Mathew, Sarah, McNamara, Rita A., Moya, Cristina, Norenzayan, Ara, Placek, Caitlyn D., Soler, Montserrat, Vardy, Tom, Weigel, Jonathan, Xygalatas, Dimitris, Ross, Cody T.


Age affects how one perceives the moral concern of their moralizing and local deities.


Age is examined in four models, but in each model, it has a negligible effect on how an individual perceives the moral concern of both their moralizing god and local god. The slopes for the effect of age and their 90% credibility interval in each model are as follows: Moralistic deity, M1: .002 (-.003, .005); Moralistic deity, M3: .002 (-.003, .006); Local deity, M1: .002 (-.001, .006); Local deity, M3: .003 (-.001, .007)


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Predictive modelNot supportedUNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWN