The role of the aged in primitive society

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By Simmons, Leo W.


". . . .in customs of food sharing with the aged there has been no significant difference in the treatment accorded to aged men and women (34)


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Simmons, Leo W.Prestige of the aged is negatively correlated with severe climate and impermanent residence. It is positively correlated for aged men and women where they have property rights and influence in government. Aged women enjoy more prestige in hunting-gathering and fishing societies and in societies where matrilineal family organization prevails. Aged men have high prestige where the food supply is constant, where family organization type is patrilineal, in herding and framing societies, and w...
Simmons, Leo W.". . . the aged among primitive peoples had greater opportunity for securing provisions froma common store in societies where group sharing of food was an established practice irrespective of age considerations than in societies where this was not the case" (32)
Simmons, Leo W.". . . A strong negative trend in communal sharing of food is correlated with many cultural traits usually associated with more highly developed societies"
Simmons, Leo W.". . . in primitive societies there has been a pronounced tendency toward communal sharing of food, irrespective of age, in areas where the climate is severely cold or serious droughts are common" (32)
Simmons, Leo W.Aged men had more success in marrying younger women in patriarchal societies, among herders, and more advance societies (211-212)