Testing for Divergent Transmission Histories among Cultural Characters: A Study Using Bayesian Phylogenetic Methods and Iranian Tribal Textile Data

PloS One Vol/Iss. 6(4) The Public Library of Science Published In Pages: e14810
By Matthews, Luke J., Tehrani, Jamie J., Jordan, Fiona M., Collard, Mark, Nunn, Charles L.


There is a core tradition of characters ('flat-weave designs') in Iranian tribal textile traditions that changes gradually over time through descent with modification, while characters on the periphery are shared among different contemporaneous populations ('pile-weave designs').


The authors suggest that 'pile-weave designs' have different rates of evolution because of the bigger influence of horizontal transmission, which was not supported by the results.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Bayesian phylogenetic analysis / F-testNot supportedp = 0.96UNKNOWNUNKNOWN