Toward monogamy: a cross-cultural study of correlates of type of marriage

Social Forces Vol/Iss. 44 Published In Pages: 8-16
By Osmond, Marie W.


"The following variables of societal organization significantly distinguish monogamous from polygynous societies: (1) type of subsistence economy; (2) system of social stratification; (3) level of political integration; (4) pattern of settlement . . ." (10)


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Phi coefficientSupportedp<.05.25UNKNOWN

Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Bacon, Margaret K."A high frequency of ceremonial drinking tends to occur in societies with a higher level of political integration and social stratification, a more densely populated settlement pattern and slavery" (40)
Osmond, Marie W."The limited family [nuclear, stem and lineal] is found with complexity of economy, of stratification, and of settlement pattern; this type of family is associated with monogamous marriage and small family size" (304)
Barry III, HerbertFood accumulation will be more highly correlated with compliance than over variables such as size of settlement, degree of political integration, social stratification, greater part of women in predominant subsistence activity, polygyny, bride price and bride service, unilineal descent (59).
Bacon, Margaret K.". . . with an increased Level of Political Integration, Social Stratification, and Elaboration of Social Control there is an increase in the frequency of Theft" (297).
Terry, Roger L.Monotheism and dependence nurturance during childhood will be inversely related on a societal level. "Societies in which independence is stressed during childhood were hypothesized to evidence monotheistic beliefs, while societies in which dependence is nurtured were expected not to evidence monotheism (p.176)."